Award winning Nairn businesses

The Scottish Wedding Awards  took place in Glasgow on Monday 22nd April.

We are delighted to say that Bobbi Urquhart  from Big Bloomers won 'Wedding florist of the year'
and prizes also went to Eileen Solan for  make up and Jenna from Fleur Bridal.

Congratulations to all Nairn winners and nominees.

Nairn has a tremendous range of services available to those planning to get married and it's good to see these businesses  getting national recognition.


Traffic light blues.

When Sainsburys first applied to build at Balmakeith, one of the reports produced in response was from Transport Scotland.

Contained within were details of a whole raft of proposals for the road network in the town, which those in the transport 'know ' obviously thought necessary to allow the good folk of the town to go about their daily business without sitting for hours at a junction in their cars, or run the risk of being squished if they were on foot.

The detailed report was available for everyone to read,  so the arrival of men in yellow jackets in the town ,installing our four new sets of traffic lights , a roundabout and a pedestrian crossing, should come as no surprise to anyone who read the small print. However, it  appears  that most people had absolutely no idea that the granting of  their wishes for a new supermarket out of town would be somewhat  tainted by all these new traffic lights ,likely to reduce traffic flow through the town to a crawl, or possibly even nothing as fast.

The A96 provides the fundamental means by which many of the towns between Inverness and Aberdeen remain  viable commercial entities. Indeed, how will the towns of Highland,Moray and beyond  ever  haul themselves out of their current economic woes if the most basic needs of business, like ensuring staff,  customers and delveries, can't actually get there in the first place?

Nairn currently has two sets of traffic lights (each incorporating pedestrian crossings) , two 'stand alone' pedestrian controlled crossings and one roundabout.In a few months, when the dust has settled we will have six sets of traffic lights ( all with pedestrian crossings), three 'stand alone' crossings and two roundabouts.
Rather ironically, the Manse Road/ Waverley Road junction which most needs traffic lights, isn't going to get them.

It could be argued that the Scottish Ministers will never be presented with a better case for bringing forward the schedule for the bypass and, given it was the same Ministers that granted permission for the out of town store in the first place , I would consider it something they should apply themselves to without delay.

However you feel about the arrival of the new supermarket, there is the real risk that Nairn, and the villages on the 'rat-run', will see a direct affect on both  their amenity and economy. The Association is already a part of the bypass group and we will be contacting the Transport Minister in Edinburgh to ensure he is fully aware of the idiocy of the current situation and it's potential direct impact on the town and the surrounding villages.

Until the bypass is built , the fastest thing on the A96 in Nairn will very likely be a bike, possibly even one with an old wifie riding it.



Access for all

At a recent meeting with the Nairn Access Panel,  one of the main matters  under discussion was the ease of  access to shops and businesses in the town for anyone of restricted mobility , in a wheelchair or  visually impaired.

The members of the group would like encourage everyone to consider how difficult it can be to get into some shops , even those with level access, and are keen to investigate how things can be improved , in relatively simple and inexpensive ways.

One thing under discussion is the possibility of obtaining 2 or 3 foldable ramps , which could be stored in specific shops in the High Street and Leopold Street for general use, so that some of the shops  that are currently difficult to get into could be accessed , without the owner having to go to the  expense  of buying a ramp, or having to go too far to get one. It has also been  agreed that the plans for the Shopfront grant  scheme could be amended to included modifications to improve access arrangements.

In the meanwhile though , so we know where we are starting from, two members of the group agreed  to carry out a survey of the main shopping areas, just to get an idea of some of the specific access issues.

The ANB is supportive of facilities that would improve access for customers of any business in the town. As the Access Panel members were quick to point out , they all have money to spend and would much prefer to spend it in Nairn.

Once we have more details , we can highlight the main problem areas  and move forward with some firmer ideas of how the situation can be improved as and where required.


The Nairnshire Challenge

Over the past few years the Nairnshire Challenge has become a regular feature on the town’s calendar , with thousands  of participants having raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for local charities and had a considerable amount of fun on the way.


Well the good news is that you can take part, or perhaps organise a team to represent your business.


This year’s event is being held  close to midsummer’s day  on Sunday 23rd of June  and surely the sun will be  splitting the sky, which will be notable by its lack of clouds.


You can find all the information about the event at

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